My mission is to empower entrepreneurs so that they can flourish. 

My Values: 

∞ Commitment to doing good for the client

∞ Listen first

∞ Take action, learn and refine


I never thought I would start my own business. 

I graduated and jumped into the 9 – 5 grind instantly. Time to think if this was right for me? Nope! Once there, I realized that no matter what jobs I did, I always felt unhappy. There was a void within each position that no matter how hard I was working, how many raises I obtained, what titles I had still existed. 

I decided to jump at the chance of “becoming” an entrepreneur and starting my own business. After a few transformations, I discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System and what they defined as an Integrator and from there I dedicated my time to becoming an Integrator. I not only began immersing myself in the EOS model but I took the Integrator Mastery Academy course taught by Mark C. Winters to learn as much as I could. 


Sonia is so easy to get along with and super flexible to stretch outside her comfort zone to learn more by researching anything she isn’t sure of. I love working with people that don’t limit themselves to all they know right at this moment but instead crave constant learning and evolution of their skills. I would recommend her to other small business owners and entrepreneurs because she is thorough, smart, reliable and trustworthy. Rachel Reuben

Chief Marketing Tech Therapist, Marketing Tech Therapy