Step 1: Go to sign up and create a Business Account (you can do so in several different ways including via your email address, via your other social media platforms or via your gmail account directly).

Step 2: Start to fill in all your information e.g. name, email, etc—make sure you fill out as much information as you can

Step 3: Start to create boards ideally these include one for your blog posts, your niche, any keywords you might want to include for example if you are a Virtual Assistant working solely with Designers you may want to have a design ideas board, top things for designers to know, etc

Step 4: Pin away and start to fill up those boards as much as you can! From the start be active and consistent—add pins, save pins, schedule pins etc.

Step 5: Join those Group Boards

I’ve created an awesome “Pinterest Launch Plan” freebie so that you can set yourself up for success with Pinterest and ensure that it’s consistent & engaging from the start!