The 5 Step System To Seamless Delegation:

Step 1: Choose the task you’d like to delegate
Step 2: Use Loom to record yourself completing this task – screen record with audio so that not only can they see you completing the task but you can also explain any nuances they should know
Step 3: Review the video & add any additional notes you think are important within the comments section such as ‘Complete this task before 3:00PM ET every Friday’
Step 4: Add clear and concise labels to the videos using 1 Naming System such as “Internal Process 001: Posting on Facebook”; “Social Media Process 001: Posting on Facebook”— use whatever naming convention is easiest for you
Step 5: Save all these videos to your preferred storage tool

I’ve created an awesome “Master List of Processes” excel sheet so that you can hold all of your processes in one place. It’s super simple and straightforward to use.