Time management can be the bane of my existence – honestly it’s something everyone struggles with. In an ideal world, every minute would have an intention and a purpose.

As an entrepreneur managing, spending and finding time can be difficult. Everyday you could feel like you may not have enough time for you, for your family or for your work. There are a couple of tactics that work to help me guide my time.

    1. Take a break – I know this sounds ridiculous, but it really does work. According to Health magazine, Individuals who were found to take more breaks reported more energy, more stamina and reduced mental exhaustion.
    2. Set goals – What has to get done today? I’ve found that writing on a post it note the top 3 things I want to get done in the day really helps to not just remind me of what needs to be done but it also helps keep me focused throughout the day.
    3. Set an intention for the day – It can be life changing to not just set goals but to set your intention for the day. According to Inc, intentions may actually make you more effective and open your eyes to things that might be overlooked on the regular.
    4. Schedule out your day – Sometimes taking 15 – 30 mins to plan out your day at the beginning can help you be more in control of your day and time

Time management is critical to learn as an entrepreneur as many times our daily tasks do not always have hard deadlines. Taking breaks and planning ahead can help to get control of your time. Be sure to share how you tackle time management in the comments below.

Sonia Narvaez, is the founder of Socially Passionate Consulting, a solopreneur focused on supporting passionate entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed so that they can find peace of mind and abundance in their business. She obtained a Masters in Public Health at the University of Illinois and uses her public health background to help diminish the stress, overwhelm and social isolation that entrepreneurs may feel.