As a strategizing and systematizing guru, I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by taking on those responsibilities that are in my zone of genius while leaving them as the sole visionaries of their business. I support passionate entrepreneurs, who are overwhelmed so that their business can flourish. I listen to what you want for your business and for your life and then make those things happen!


Hi there, I’m SoNIA! I help passionate entrepreneurs create a flourishing business.

Sonia is the real deal. She knows her “stuff” when it comes to putting the whole package together, and she never adds stress. She will send simple reminders when specific tasks must be completed on time. This is a considerable value when working in a busy environment. She is a pure joy to work with, and I plan to work with her for many years to come. Her honesty, knowledge and authentic delivery of content added to my business platform. Roberta Rownd

Blogger, Roberta Rownd

I wish I’d consulted with Socially Passionate sooner than I did! Sonia gave my project the boost (and balance) it needed – and right from the start. She helped me with research, brainstorming, website redesign and more. I love working with Sonia especially. She’s bright, articulate, and a great self-starter who can follow directions to the T. All that and she’s just plain fun and nice to be around!
5 – Star Rating Cori Nichols

Founder, Hudson Valley HorsePlay